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What We Do 

We merge cosec functionality and data into your favourite accountancy software

We work exclusively with the best UK accountancy software providers to make our Cosec framework become part of their portfolio with seamless integration and shared data and events.

The Cosec House also syncs with Companies House on a daily basis, meaning all key dates are checked and kept up-to-date, making it virtually impossible to miss a deadline through reminders and the Action Station.

The Cosec House Integrates Seamlessly 

We work incredibly closely with our strategic software partners to design a product that works perfectly for each partner’s clients.

Due to our close relationships and unique teams, the partners requests are managed and performed based on the needs and requirements of clients, and the software evolves accordingly.

We have a Committed Support Team

Who help answer questions and lead people in the direction, and we have an unstoppable software development team who are constantly questioning and improving functionality, whilst inventing tech that further improves and aids the work of all our clients.

Once a practice has decided they want to join in, we simply provide an upload spreadsheet requesting a minimum of company name, reg and auth codes, and we automatically upload the companies onto the software, and the practices are good to go.

We allow unlimited numbers of staff from each practice to log on and work on the system, meaning company secretarial tasks can be divided and monitored throughout.

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