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Working with our Strategic Software Partners

Connected to your Accounts Package

A complete cloud based solution for company secretarial tasks which accountants need to perform.

Each customised solution is tailored in depth to seamlessly connect to its host accounting platform. Your accounts package launches it, whereupon it immediately looks familiar and blends in with the host’s design and brand style. The clear advantage is the exchange of relevant data, so the overhead costs and potential for errors with duplicated databases is entirely dispensed with.

The Standalone Cloud System

If you don’t use one of the accounts packages supplied by our strategic partners, there are two standalone cloud based solutions for you as well.

FirstOrder is provided by our strategic partner FCLS Group who also provide all the integrated company formations and built in technical services (document packs for conversions, reclassifications etc) for all our products which are integrated into accountancy packages. Vectis, from Formations Direct is particularly suitable if you already use their formations packages.

Automation and Productivity


Automate CS01 client authority and filing, under your practice branding.


Receive tailored workflow and deadline based reminder emails


Download up to date company datasets from Companies House.


Resolve individuals interests in multiple companies.


Continuously sync critical filing dates with Companies House.


E-file change forms and CS01 in a couple of clicks


Have the system work out what filing each company has done and needs to do.


“Action Station” checks all your client companies continuously for jobs that need doing and provides all the filing forms and documents necessary to do them.


Never work out a PSC percentage control again. The only system which completely automates the PSC Register and it’s PSC form filing requirement, including Trusts, foreign entities and joint shareholders.


Collaborate with your team as each company gets a partner, manager, staff and practice reference.


Over 50% of our staff are coder/designers so we keep looking for ever more features, cost benefits and streamlining in the product.

We only do Cosec, we have the specialist insight and focussed knowledge to deliver the best product to our strategic partners and to help their clients with in-depth technical questions

* Our software can be developed to match your brand

Development That Outpaces The Market.

With a dedicated full time software development team, supported by strategists, our technology remains advanced and ever-present to reflect progression in the tech industry, and to respond to the needs of our clients. You can trust in The Cosec House to lead advancement across the board, ensuring our users are provided with the most useful tools available on the market.

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