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About Us 

The Cosec House Product established since 2009

The founder invented the very first cosec software which has now paved the way for the industry.

Originally supplying the first ever software for First Order, The Cosec House has not ceased in developing new and innovative company secretarial for a large range of software houses, increasing efficiency, saving valuable time, and most importantly outpacing the market in design and functionality.

The Software is Ever Expanding

Our clients are provided with all the tools to ensure they have the best quality data, that they never miss a deadline, and that they can file at companies house legitimately and without fuss, but with utter confidence.

The software is ever expanding with new features that wow the market. From email reminders and work management tools, to automated functions such as PSCs and pre-populated forms in two clicks. Performing company secretarial tasks has never been made easier.

Our support team are always on hand to answer any questions; ensuring our clients are cared for is of the utmost importance.

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