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*Naturally, our Cosec offers all the usual features that any good Cosec Software provides. Below is a list of features that are unique to our Cosec. To see more details about the basic features, click through to the new user guide here.

Synchronise Data with your Accountancy Software and Companies House

Cosec synchronises and exchanges data with the host software accounts package.

This allows you to avoid duplicate data entry for key dates, addresses, appointments, personal details and helps reduce errors.

Cosec also synchronises data with Companies House daily, for truly reliable and accurate data, reducing the risk of late filing penalties, even picking up notices to strike-off within 24 hours.

Dividend Super-Report

Dividends and vouchers are created with just date, amount and a single click.

For personal tax returns, an instant report shows everyone’s “year end dividend income” from every company on your portfolio.

The report, like almost every report and table on Cosec, is exportable to a spreadsheet.

Templates for vouchers and Minutes are fully customisable.

Company Formation and Technical Work

Our Cosec software provides a comprehensive company formation feature, with newly formed companies integrating seamlessly into the software.

The Mems and Arts and Certificate of Incorporation are placed and kept in the cloud library.

Formations feature nominee or own subscribers, multiple share classes, custom Mem and Arts, with pre-emption and other rights, nearly 400 different objects, joint HMRC registration, traditional green box and physical seal options, First Board Minutes and special name justifications.

Limited by shares, Guarantee, LLP, RTM, CIC, PLC and other specialist formations are all supported.

Full document packs for conversions, buybacks, re-caps and many other transactions are provided and integrated with your data by our strategic partner FCLS.

Book a Free Demo with our Specialist Team

If you have any further questions about Cosec, book a free, no obligation presentation or informal Q&A with our specialist cosec team.

We also offer a full, 2 hour feature demo where we can walk you through Cosec, exploring many more features in the detail that you need.

CS01 Client Checklist

Send a clear professional checklist, which describes the company filing situation in full. The checklist includes edit boxes so the client can notify you of any changes.

It is complete and “fit for purpose” because a CS01 is just a declaration and omits actual data. There is no need to send a set of registers or random covering letter for client confirmation.

Users can validate the data and authorise filing from a single source.

Protect yourself and the client from inaccurate filing.

Touch base and encourage notification of unreported changes by the client.

Heading notes reduce questions like: Can I prevent my residential address showing at Companies House.

The checklist wording is fully customisable and the easily branded for your practice.

Complete PSC Automation

All PSC percentages are calculated automatically, based on the share history stored on our Cosec software. Rules for voting and non voting shares, companies, overseas corporates, trusts and joint shareholders are taken into account.

This fully automated feature extends through all changes and you should never need to calculate a complex 25%, 50% or 75% percentage again.

PSCs Forms 1-9 are then automatically offered up but actual filing is always under your control, as it should be.

Easy Migration

Cosec products from BTCSoftware, Capium, CCH Wolturs Klewer, FCLS and Formations Direct share our cloud platform so 100% of your data can be switched over to your new account overnight.

For migration from other products, simply supply a spreadsheet of company numbers and filing codes for a brand new snapshot. We also provide full import facilities for some of the commonplace but older on-premise software.

Action Station

The unique “Action Station” feature lets you know what needs to be done in real time and priority order, helping you manage your work efficiently and effectively.

Cosec also includes workflow and email reminders, letting you know of any upcoming filing dates for your entire client portfolio.

Key dates are continuously synchronised with Companies House on a rolling basis, for super reliability helping you to avoid any late filings and fines.

In some cases, savings on fines alone has amounted to more than the cost of the software.

Filing Centre

Cosec detects and offers up all reportable changes in a simple, combined view, showing forms to be filed interleaved with the filing history for context.

Any outstanding filing requirements will also appear in the “Action Station”. You can choose single or multiple events to be filed through the easy-to-use e-filing manager.

In Depth Technical Support and User Driven Software Updates

Whichever of our Cosec products you choose, our in-house specialists are always on hand to answer your technical questions and we provide a referral service for our strategic partners to ensure you get the right in-depth knowledge. Our full time team of developers is kept busy responding to strategic upgrades and user feature requests.

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