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Are you a software house?

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If you are an established accountancy, investment, legal or other software supplier and you need cosec functionality, or have filing requirements at Companies House talk to us! Our product is designed specifically to merge seamlessly with host platforms on the cloud and even with desktop suites.

Don’t worry about end user support, training or even technical presentations to clients. We provide all these services as part of your package and rightly so as cosec requires very specific support expertise. Experience over the last decade shows that our end user client care has consistently reduced end client churn to less than 1%.

Boost Your Portfolio 

Compete more effectively by broadening your product’s scope, gain portfolio completeness and a new profit centrefor vanishingly small up-front costs.

Don’t Re-invent The Wheel

Your simple choice

Face the future:

  • Leverage our fully brandable cosec and established API to move straight to profitability within months.

Face the music:

  • Spend years and £millions developing your own or converting legacy desktop products.
  • Do nothing and leave your portfolio weak and incomplete while missing out on a lucrative profit centre.

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